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In addition to having Water Conditioners and Iron Filters, we also install drinking water filters in your home. Whether you rent or own your home; have municipal or well water, we have options. We have both rental or purchase options for almost all of our water treatment equipment.

One water filtration product we offer is the “Clear Solutions” high flow filtration system which can be easily mounted under your sink in a limited space. This is perfect for municipal water as it reduces more than 95% of the chlorine and/or chloramine that is added to safely disinfect your municipal water. The Clear Solutions filter also reduces more than 99% of the lead which can be reintroduced into the water before it gets into your home or from your fixtures. This unit could be installed on your designated cold water line to divert the water through the filter before use. This unit is a perfect fit if you rent your home.

Another product we offer is the “Millennium Drinking Water System”, which is a multi-stage reverse osmosis filtration system that can remove virtually everything from your water that affects it’s taste, smell, and overall healthful benefits. Simply put, it reduces all of the harmful components from your drinking water! In addition to what the Clear Solutions already reduces, the Millennium also reduces up to 95% of fluoride (put it on your teeth, but don’t ingest it) and up to 98% of arsenic. This system is suitable for any water source; well or municipal, and would have a dedicated faucet for point of use.

It is estimated that nearly 4 out of every 5 bottles of water in the U.S. aren’t recycled and our landfills are overflowing with over 2 million tons of water bottles alone, and growing! The ability to filter drinking water at your home or place of employment will greatly help reduce waste. We’ll include, with any installation of a drinking water system, 2 reusable water bottles. If you mention this blog post, we’ll also give you 1/2 the installation and your first month’s rent free! Yes, FREE! 🙂

We truly value our communities and the people who live in them and we’d love to help you choose an option that’s right for you! Simply click on the “Contact Us” button below or email Tim at if you have any further questions or comments. We would love to help you!