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Water Heaters


Complete Water Inc. uses Hellenbrand products exclusively for our commercial water services. Hellenbrand’s industrial, high-volume water treatment systems are fully customizable to your specific application and designed to efficiently filter or treat unwanted contaminants.

No other service comes close to matching Complete Water Inc.’s expertise and knowledge of high-efficiency hot water heaters. Complete Water Inc. offers several different options to help determine which type of water heater is most appropriate for your residence’s needs and uses.

Standard Water Heater– Whether you’re looking to replace your existing water heater unit or install a completely new system, Complete Water Inc. carries tank systems for every application. A appropriately-sized water heater built by a quality manufacturer will heat your water for many years. The technological efficiencies built into today’s water heaters have also advanced a long way in reducing energy costs by operating off of natural gas, propane or electricity.
Tankless Water Heater– Complete Water Inc.’s condensing tank units provide an endless supply of on-demand hot water. Conventional storage tank systems can eventually run out of hot water during peak times of use, which you may have experienced at one time or another. Our expert technicians help you determine the correct size tankless water heater for your home’s and family’s requirements.

Hot Water Heater Installation– At Complete Water Inc., our technicians are certified installers of new hot water heaters, installations, or replacement systems. Our certified installation department has installed hundreds of residential and commercial hot water heaters.


  • High performance and reliability
  • Saves on natural gas and propane
  • Reduce water and energy waste
  • Customized evaluation to choose the right water heater for your individual needs
  • Hot water available instantly – no waiting!
  • Longer life expectancy than a standard water heater